Bore It, Inc.

Providing professional Horizontal Boring & Trenchless Excavation services for nearly 20 years, Bore It, Inc. is your local partner for all things ‘boring’.

Local Experts In…

Horizontal Boring

Bore It can go under almost any obstacle with less disruption and fewer permit concerns.

Trenchless Excavation

Our process keeps asphalt, paving, and more in tact – reducing time and cost in post-project restoration.

Quick-Turnover Jobs

With little pre-install prep work, there is less area to backfill and nearly no debris to remove.

Contractor Partnerships

We partner with the best plumbers, electricians, excavators, telecomm companies, and more.

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Bore It, Trusted for Almost 20 Years

Bore It, Inc. has been providing top-tier horizontal drilling and trenchless excavation services since 2005. Our team is proud to go above-and-beyond in every project, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Our in-house specialists have the ability to perform pipe fusing and trenching, when necessary, to bring any project to it’s successful end-point.

Bore It, Inc. works with any contractor or commercial interest with a need for horizontal drilling or boring services. Some of the most popular industries we serve include electricians, communication services, excavators, plumbers, and public utilities.

Bore It, Inc. is your go-to specialist team for horizontal drilling projects. While other companies may turn away smaller or more complex jobs, we face every challenge head on. 

Interested in learning more about Bore It, Inc? Not sure if we’re right for your next project? Don’t hesitate to connect with our team for a free consultation today!

Years of Experience

Successful Projects

Modern Equipment for Modern Jobs

Our team provides Horizontal Directional Drilling services to contractors, businesses, and homeowners in the greater Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey area. With modern equipment, we can install multiple pipes with a combined diameter of up to 10 inches, plus install miles of conduit and cable.

All services that we provide are fast, cost-effective, and low-impact on the project environment. This means that we’re able to operate under roads and driveways, and through wetlands and difficult terrain. In the case that excavation is required, we handle all post-project land restoration.

Have Any Questions?

Not sure if you could benefit from our horiontal directional drilling services? Either give us a call today, or check out some of our FAQ’s here. 

What size pipe does your team work with?

Although we can go up to 12" pipe, we cater to smaller size pipe, from 1"-6"

Can you do short-term jobs?

Absolutely. Our team doesn't shy away from taking 200 or 300 foot jobs - whatever it takes to get the job done.

Why choose Bore It, Inc?

Our team has been doing this kind of work for nearly 20 years - we know our way around horizontal directional drilling. We don't only do the job, but can also advise and consult on the best course of action for various projects.

A Word From Our Clients

“I can only echo Andy’s thanks for the great job your guys have done. I can’t believe how quickly and cleanly this was all executed, it really is appreciated.”

Dave B.

Project Manager, Johnson Matthey

“Your crew did another fantastic, safe job for us. We’ll see you on the next one. Thank you.”


Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC.

“Bore It, Inc. was a pleasure to have at our job site. This team is a hardworking crew who do superior work.”

Dan C.

Plumber, West Chester, PA